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Congratulations to our company for successfully shortlisting Sinopec's 2017 pipeline fittings framework agreement bidding

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On March 1, our company stood out from a number of bidding companies and successfully entered Sinopec's 2017 pipeline fittings framework agreement tender. Among them, the spring supports and hangers won the first place in North China, South China, and East China. This shortlisting makes our company the main supplier of the year for major customers such as Qilu Petrochemical.

The leaders of the bidding company attached great importance to it and organized relevant personnel to conduct multiple discussions and repeatedly demonstrated the bidding documents and commercial prices. Due to the tight time and heavy workload of this bidding, under the leadership of the leaders, the relevant personnel of the company united and worked together to complete the bidding task with high efficiency and high quality. In the end, our company won the approval of bid evaluation experts and bidding parties with excellent solutions, perfect service standards and reasonable quotations. This shortlist has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of our company in the future.

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