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Collaboration, efficiency, and go all out for 60 days-record the annual peak production period

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Since September, production has gradually entered its peak period, and we are facing a severe test once again. Under our leadership team’s on-site command, the employees in the production workshop and various functional departments have gone all out to devote themselves to production and work, and make concerted efforts. , Don’t be afraid of hardship and tiredness, work overtime continuously to ensure the on-time supply of production orders. The employees of the company are unanimous, actively responding to it, and strive to ensure production, especially the front-line production employees display selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, and work tirelessly. Many outstanding activists have emerged. Their behavior is the glory of the company and our pride.

After receiving the overtime notice, the production staff devoted themselves to the intense production without hesitation. At this moment, they have only one idea: guarantee production, guarantee orders, and guarantee delivery. They have overcome all the difficulties they can overcome-long time, physical exhaustion, how many days and nights, they persist, persist and persist.


1. Ministers and team leaders work hard, and play a leading role.

During the peak production period, the production department, quality control department, and technical department ministers bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities, assist the workshop team leader, lead the team members to work overtime continuously, make the team twisted into a rope, display team spirit, the departments work together, and all employees participate in production peak.

2. The production staff are not afraid of hardship or tiredness, and do their best to complete the production tasks.

The task of production has been increasing year by year. This time, despite their physical exhaustion, even if they are unwell, they will not leave their jobs as long as they can persist. At the same time, in overtime production, our employees always strictly control the quality, knowing that product quality is the life of the company. No matter how heavy the task, no matter how tight the time is, and no matter how tired the body is, they also carefully check the quality and never let it fail. Products flow out of the production workshop.


3. The equipment and forklift teams put safety first and production as the most important to ensure the smooth progress of production.

Mechanical repair personnel clearly recognize that only the safe and normal operation of the machine can ensure the smooth progress of production. The more overtime, the more inspection and safety inspections of the machine must be strengthened to understand the operating status in time, find equipment problems in time, and solve them in time. The mechanics take the overall situation into consideration, put the interests of the enterprise first, obey the needs of work, accept the arrangement of the leadership, try to eliminate all machine faults during the day shift, and ensure that the night shift is basically trouble-free. Once the machine fails, immediately repair it.

Operating forklifts is a special task, which requires more safety. In the busy production, every forklift worker overcomes fatigue, does not feel paralyzed, drives the forklift carefully, and completes the heavy warehouse and loading tasks.

4. The workshop managers are dedicated to their responsibilities and do a good job in workshop production management.

In overtime production, the workshop manager has always insisted on being the first line of production, setting an example, leading the production staff to work hard to complete every day of production, and playing the role of the most critical organization and manager of the production line.

"Huangsha wears golden armor for a hundred battles, and will not return Loulan if it is not broken." During this peak production period, all employees of the company are engaged in production and work together to ensure production. We must strengthen our confidence and determination to do a good job. Fully mentally prepared to fight in Japan to overcome the difficulties caused by continuous non-rest. The company is proud of all of you employees who focus on the overall situation and contribute to the company’s long-term development regardless of personal gains or losses. You are the company’s most precious wealth and the cornerstone of development. Let us work together and go all out for 60 days to spend production together. Peak period!

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