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Pressure vessel safety knowledge

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1. What is a pressure vessel?

Pressure vessel is a closed device that contains gas or liquid and carries a certain pressure. The scope of application is defined as: ① maximum working pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (measurement pressure) of gas, the maximum working temperature is higher than or equal to the standard boiling point of liquefied petroleum gas and liquids, the volume is greater than or equal to 30L and the inner diameter (non-circular cross-section refers to the maximum geometric dimensions of the internal boundaries of the cross-section) is greater than or equal to 150mm of the stationary and mobile containers; ② the standard boiling point of the gases is equal to or lower than 60 ℃, liquefied gases and liquids, rated working pressure greater than or equal to 0.2MPa (measurement pressure), pressure and volume product greater than or equal to 1.0MPaL cylinders; for rapid cooling.

2. use and management of simple pressure vessels and ordinary pressure vessels, what is the difference?

(1) Ordinary pressure vessels must be registered, simple pressure vessels do not need to register. (2) Ordinary pressure vessels should be inspected by special equipment inspection and testing organizations. Simple pressure vessels should be regularly maintained and inspected by the user within the recommended service life. Special equipment inspection and testing organizations shall be invited to carry out inspections only when abnormalities are detected; simple pressure vessels that have reached the recommended service life shall be scrapped. If they are to be reused, they should be periodically inspected in accordance with the Rules for Periodic Inspection of Pressure Vessels.

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