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The company organized employees to carry out outreach training and achieved good results

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In order to strengthen the construction of the company's workforce, enhance mutual communication among employees, and cultivate their team spirit and sense of collaboration, on February 7, the company's human resources administration department organized employees to carry out outreach training activities and achieved good results. During the activity, everyone was divided into several groups under the leadership of the host, and through the brainstorming of each group, the team names with their own characteristics were produced. Along with the formation of distinctive teams such as "Wolf Warriors" and "Masters", the company's expansion training activities kicked off in the team trainees full of passion and lofty ideals.


During the training process, the team members fully experienced the management awareness and art that are closely related to work, such as team trust, effective communication, empathy, rational organization, leadership, execution and teamwork. This activity effectively enhanced the self-confidence and communication skills of the trainees, and enhanced their sense of unity and cooperation. Through mutual exchanges and learning, everyone realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and good innovation, which played a positive role in improving work efficiency, enhancing communication and coordination among various departments, and improving execution.

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