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The details of the 40 million tons of Zhejiang Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project are exposed, supporting the 10 million tons of aromatics route

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The details of the 40 million tons of Zhejiang Petrochemical Refining and Chemical Integration Project are exposed, supporting the 10 million tons of aromatics route

2016-09-13 China Energy Watch China Energy Watch

Recently, Zhejiang Petrochemical's refining and chemical integration project carried out the second environmental assessment publicity, and its design details have also fully surfaced.

At the same time, some media disclosed the shareholding ratio of this Zhejiang Refining and Chemical Giant Project: According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System, Zhejiang Petrochemical Company has a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, of which Rongsheng Holdings accounts for 51%. Chemical Group and Tongkun Group each invested 200 million yuan, accounting for 20%, and Zhoushan Ocean Comprehensive Development invested 90 million yuan, accounting for 9%.

The EIA report shows that the project is located at the green petrochemical base in the Dayushan Island Reclamation Area, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. The construction of the base conforms to the national petrochemical industry development plan and layout policy, is conducive to the implementation of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and other national strategies, accelerates the development and construction of the Zhoushan Islands New District, promotes the structural adjustment and layout optimization of Zhejiang petrochemical industry, and increases the scale and concentration of the petrochemical industry. It is of great significance to ensure the safety of my country's chemical fiber industry and enhance its international competitiveness.

Construction scale: The planned total scale is 40 million tons/year oil refining, 10.4 million tons/year aromatics and 2.8 million tons/year ethylene, and the total construction investment is about 160 billion yuan. The project is implemented in two phases. The construction scale of the first phase is 20 million tons/year oil refining, 5.2 million tons/year aromatics and 1.4 million tons/year ethylene. The main project includes 22 sets of oil refining equipment and 15 sets of chemical equipment; the second phase of oil refining The scale of core plants such as, aromatics and ethylene is the same as the first phase, including 22 refining plants and 12 chemical plants.

Annual operating time: 8,400 hours (about 11 months)

Construction site: Daishan Xianxiaoyushan Island Reclamation Area, Daishan City, Zhejiang Province (in the Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base)

Area: The first phase of the refining and chemical project covers an area of ​​837.76hm2, and the second phase of the refining and chemical project and development land is 762.6hm2.

The total number of people in the factory: the total number of people in the first phase of the factory is 2,200, and the total number of people in the second phase is 1,700 people

Construction cycle: The first phase of the project will be completed and put into production within 48 months after the project application report is approved by the state, and the second phase of the project will start construction at the right time based on the construction of the first phase, and the construction period will be 48 months.

Process route: The project adheres to the general principles of unified planning, unified layout, and phased implementation. Technically, it adheres to the principles of advanced and applicable, stable and reliable, safe and environmentally friendly, and green and clean. The formulation of the overall processing flow follows the concept of "molecular oil refining", and comprehensively balances the scale of refined oil and chemical products. The first and second phases are based on the production of aromatic products, supporting ethylene and appropriate production of refined oil. At the same time, we insist on differentiation and large-scale development of the downstream industrial chain of aromatics and ethylene.

The refining part of the project adopts the core overall process flow of "Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation + Delayed Coking + Residue Hydrodesulfurization/Heavy Oil Catalytic Cracking + Wax Oil Hydrocracking + Diesel Hydrocracking + Continuous Reforming/Aromatics Combined Unit".

All ethylene raw materials come from oil refining units, and focus on the development of the downstream industrial chain of ethylene and propylene. Ethylene downstream products include EO/EG, LLDPE/HDPE, HDPE, EVA, hexene-1 and styrene; propylene downstream products include polypropylene, phenol acetone, bisphenol A, acrylonitrile and MMA, etc., and are purchased through outsourcing raw materials Propane dehydrogenation increases the production of propylene; mixed carbon four is used to produce butadiene, MTBE; mixed carbon four raffinate and ethylene hydrogenation gasoline, by-product hydrogen, etc. are sent to refining and aromatics processing.

Through the process arrangement of the integration of oil refining, chemical industry and aromatics, the raw materials of each process are optimized to truly reflect the integration of oil refining, aromatics and ethylene.

Preliminary conclusion of environmental impact assessment

This project conforms to the base development plan and national industrial policy, and is coordinated with national and local related plans. Through source reduction, process control and end treatment, the exhaust gas and wastewater discharge meet the special emission limit requirements of the latest national standards. The treatment and disposal of industrial solid waste comply with the principle of "reduction, recycling, and harmlessness". Pollutants Emissions meet total control requirements, and environmental risks are preventable and controllable.

From an overall analysis, through high-start design, high-standard construction, high-level management, and effective pollution prevention and control measures, the regional environmental function after the implementation of the project can meet the requirements, and the project construction is environmentally feasible.

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