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The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and on-site installation of pressure vessels, pressure pipes and accessories (attachments).

Good news: Warmly celebrate the listing of Shandong Canon Technology Co., Ltd. on the NEEQ

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On the morning of August 20, 2019, with a long bell ringing on Beijing Financial Street, Shandong Canon Technology Co., Ltd. officially landed on the capital market. Company Chairman Yang Liyong, General Manager Yang Desheng, Member of the Zichuan District Government Party Group, Director Zhang Yong of the Industrial Transfer Office, Director Ma Junzhi of the Zichuan District Financial Supervision Administration, Mr. Cui Zhenguo, Project Director of Zhongtai Securities, and Zhao, lawyer of Beijing Bank of China Law Firm Ms. Xu, Zhang Suxia, deputy director of the Shanghai Accounting Firm, as well as the company’s shareholders, executives and employee representatives attended the listing ceremony of the Beijing Stock Transfer Company and witnessed this glorious and exciting moment that belongs to Canon Technology!


Since its establishment, Canon Technology has built up a team of united, forging ahead, passionate and innovative in more than 20 years since its establishment; the company has gradually grown into petrochemical, electric power, environmental protection and other fields, integrating non-standard equipment, high-efficiency heat transfer technology and equipment research and development, A high-tech enterprise integrating design and manufacturing. The products cover all major petrochemical installations across the country, directly serving key sectors of the national economy such as petroleum, petrochemical, and electric power infrastructure construction, and the domestic market share ranks in the forefront of the industry.

After the unremitting efforts of all Canon people, the company successfully completed the shareholding system transformation on July 5, 2016, and successfully listed on the New Third Board on August 2, 2019. This is an honor of Canon Technology, and it is also an honor for all who are concerned about the growth of Canon Technology. An answer sheet handed in by people from all walks of life.


The chairman of the company, Mr. Yang Liyong, gave a speech at the ceremony and rang the bell. He said that entering the NEEQ capital market is a significant and solid step for Canon Technology. It is both a milestone and a new starting point; it is both an opportunity and a challenge! We firmly believe that relying on the broad platform of the capital market and the unremitting efforts of all Canon people , Canon Technology will give back to the society, shareholders, and all friends who pay attention to and help Canon Technology with high-growth performance!

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